Scaling globally: The Audeara journey | Investor presentation

Scaling globally: The Audeara journey | Investor presentation

We are a company that believes wholeheartedly in the value of improving people's lives.

At Audeara, we enhance the entertainment experience for people who have hearing loss, while simultaneously creating a safe and protective listening product for those who don't want to develop a hearing loss. Through our products, we get to improve the quality of lives of people - particularly those who aren't ready to jump into the hearing aid realm.

We get to focus on the joyful part of a hearing experience. Whether you’re watching television, making Zoom calls, FaceTiming the grandkids, or sitting back and enjoying your favourite music playlist. Audeara can offer a listening experience that’s completely tailored to you.

Through Audeara’s core proprietary technology, we deliver world-class, personalised sound. The key difference for us in the world of entertainment, is that when we do this, we focus on the person actually listening.

Our technology enables us to understand what each individual needs for the best possible entertainment experience. And as a business we deploy that in two key ways.

  • Audeara master brand: Audeara offers Bluetooth, noise-cancelling, over-the-ear headphones that feature a built-in personalisation algorithm. They're tailored headphones sold online, as well as in the places where people with hearing challenges are actively looking for solutions - in audiology clinics.
  • AUA Technology business unit: This business unit takes our core personalisation tech, our product manufacturing and sourcing expertise and deploys product and technology for large third-party brands, where we get to leverage the go-to market and vast brand experience of well-established organisations. We are able to utilise our technology and core R&D, and reach new customers outside of our audiology network.

The audiology opportunity

When we were looking at consumer models and the technology we had, the question we had to answer was how are we going to provide the biggest benefit from our technology to the people that need it most?

The answer - audiology clinics. Where people with hearing loss are actively searching for solutions.

So we positioned our products as on the way to or as well as your other hearing devices. And this approach, through the Australian audiology market, has been a resounding success.

The reason our partnership with audiology clinics works so well is because audiologists face a challenge of people leaving their clinic without committing to a hearing solution - and Audeara products help fix that problem. The opportunity now is to take the success of Audeara in Australia and repeat it across other markets around the world.

Paving the way forward

Off the back of the success we've had in the Australian industry, we've now launched internationally with three of the big five audiology groups. We launched in Austria, in Hungary, have trials underway in the US, and this month we announced the launch of Audeara in Singapore.

From co-developing products with Clinico Inc. in Taiwan and scaling into a consumer-focused market in the US with a music brand partner, to refining our technology into the A-03 range and introducing our first in-ear healthy ear bud product in Asia - we’re really excited about what’s to come and what the future of hearing health looks like.

The success we've had to-date has paved an exciting path forward for Audeara, and we look forward to sharing the next part of our journey with you.