About personalisation

Feel connected and rediscover the joy of listening with a tailored listening experience.

How to tailor your sound

Audeara headphones use a health-check algorithm to tailor sound to your unique hearing profile. Watch your favourite TV show, FaceTime with family, listen to music or game with friends with confidence.

Tailor your listening experience using the Audeara mobile app in just three simple steps.

Check your hearing

We all hear differently - even your left ear hears differently to your right. 

Connect your Audeara headphones to our app and take a simple hearing health check in just minutes.

Customise to your unique hearing profile

Use your results to tailor your Audeara headphones to your individual hearing profile. You’ll hear sounds you didn’t know were missing! 

Connect to the moments that bring you joy

Experience clearer sound that preserves your hearing health, while keeping you in touch with the conversations and entertainment experiences you love. 

Audeara mobile app

Store multiple profiles and share with your friends – no two pairs of calibrated headphones will sound the same. Check your hearing as many times as you like to continually monitor your hearing health.