Audeara #goblueforautism

Audeara #goblueforautism

This month, Audeara are going blue for Autism. Kicking off with World Autism Day last week, April is Autism awareness month and Autism Queensland’s annual #goblueforautism campaign. 

This month, Audeara are going blue for Autism. Kicking off with World Autism Day last week, April is Autism awareness month and Autism Queensland’s annual #goblueforautism campaign. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition that can cause differences in communication, interaction and experiences across many domains. Autism is most commonly diagnosed in children and is often associated with sensory sensitivities and challenges coping with change and unexpected events. Hypersensitivity to sound, also known as hyperacusis, is a relatively common symptom of the condition, whereby a child or individual with ASD is hyper-aware and hyper-sensitive to the sounds around them. 

This might mean that background noises or ‘everyday sounds’ including the dishwasher, traffic noise or airplanes overhead seem extremely loud, frightening or even painful. Or in other cases, that the child is unable to filter speech sounds from the background noise around them, making it very tricky for them to focus. Noise cancelling headphones can eliminate some of the background noise and reduce what remains to a more comfortable and manageable level. In most cases, over the ear headphones are preferable to ear plugs as they eliminate most of the tactile sensitivities involved in putting something in the ear.

While no headphone is completely able to remove the noisy world and distraction around us, active noise cancelling (ANC) works to cancel out the lower frequency ‘background’ sounds that might cause trouble in the classroom, in the car or on an airplane. This effect can further be improved through the streaming of calming music, audiobooks or a podcast via bluetooth while out and about. 

The Audeara headphones are suitable for wearers with hearing loss, normal hearing and children/adults with hyperacusis. We are NDIS funded and suitable for paediatric use.

What some of our NDIS parents have to say:

Richelle is a patient care coordinator for one of our trusted hearing care partners. Her son Tyler is 7 years old.

“I had been looking at getting my middle son a set of noise cancelling headphones as he is now NDIS funded for his Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many were about the same price as the Audeara but didn’t seem to have the same capabilities to go from sound source to sound source with the ease a 7 year old requires.

Since purchasing Tyler’s Audeara headphone bundle through NDIS in January, his behaviour at home and school has improved significantly.  Last year, there were communications from the teacher and principal weekly addressing Tyler’s inability to remain calm and focused. He was getting frustrated and lashing out, resulting in time outs and in 4 instances, home suspension. I was at my wits end – his name was still on waiting lists for both psych and OT and this fact has not changed as of March 2020! 

We are currently at week 8 of term 1 and I have received only one email from the principal, which was asking about the relevance of the headphones in week one, and one time out slip! The teachers know their benefit now and are able to directly stream to his headphones when they need him to listen carefully. He is a rough 8yo boy and these headphones have been shoved into bags and drawers with absolutely no ill effects! He is able to easily recharge them at home or school thanks to the common charging cable and they’re modern and trendy in design, so he isn’t teased like he would be with traditional earmuff style safety wear. 

At home, he often uses my personal pair of Audeara to listen to movies and tune out his brother, who talks incessantly. He will insist that we have a pair with us for most journeys outside the house, from the supermarket to the cinema. He has realised the relief he can achieve when the sensory input is reduced and he is able to enjoy the experience far more. These earphones have been an absolute game changer in our household – allowing us some relief from the stress that ASD can inflict on the family.”

Christy reached out to us through our NDIS portal on behalf of her son Hunter (8 years old). 

Hunter has Autism and is very sensitive to noisy environments. Christy was attracted to Audeara due to the personalised hearing profile and active noise cancelling. She hoped that it would help Hunter focus and be able to cope with noisy environments, particularly a wedding they were planning to attend.

“This was by far one of the most enjoyable nights we have had in many years without any stress or anxiety for Hunter and our family. You guys and this product has not only helped Hunter with his sensitive hearing, you have given us an opportunity to improve our family and social life.”

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