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Fast Facts: Why Audeara

Fast Facts: Why Audeara

Have you had a TV listener or Assisted Listening Device (ALD) recommended by your Audiologist? Here are some fast facts on why you should consider Audeara headphones. 

Have you had a TV listener or Assisted Listening Device (ALD) recommended by your Audiologist?

Some fast facts on why you should consider Audeara:

  1. We are registered with Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), Hearing Services Program (HSP) and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) meaning that the cost of your device may be completely or partially subsidised by the government.
  2. Our A-01 headphones allow your personal hearing profile to be loaded INTO your headphones, changing the way that they sound and tailoring it just for you! This can be self-directed on our app our your audiogram programmed in by your audiologist (select clinics).
  3. Using the optical connection from the back of the TV into your Audeara BT-01 transceiver allows you to listen through your headphones without affecting sound from the TV speakers. Independent volume control means that you can set your own volume and it won’t change the volume through the TV speaker. Great for Friday night movies with the family!
  4. Our headphones are blue tooth! No more messy cords. Even though we are registered as a TV listener, the headphones can be used on their own and will connect to your phone, iPad or laptop (any device with bluetooth). This allows the perfect connection and hi-fidelity listening experience for important calls, movies on the fly or video chats with the grandkids. 
  5. Active noise cancelling can be switched on or off to further reduce the clatter of home life while you are trying to watch the game.
  6. Super long battery life means that your headphones last longer than a single (whole-day) use. Battery up to 60 hours listening time with 35+ hours of continual use with noise cancelling ON.
  7. We are a Brisbane based, Australian company and we are stocked in most Audiology clinics nation-wide. If you go-Audeara and your clinic doesn’t have one in stock, our teams lightning fast response and turnaround time can get it into your hands in a matter of days. 
  8. Audeara was founded by doctors and is run by engineers, audiologists, developers and musicians. We work with the symphony orchestra, schools and allied health providers to help spread the message of hearing health. We have a purpose-built research-audiology clinic at Audeara HQ and regularly run studies and focus group to improve and develop our product.
  9. Our support service is run by an audiologist. She will answer your call and respond to your email very quickly. Having an audiologist available is helpful if you have questions about how your headphones work, whether they will work for your hearing loss or if they are compatible with your hearing aids (hint: they are). I’ve heard she’s even started writing blogs!
  10. We are real people with knowledge, heart and lots of enthusiasm and we want to help you stay connected and enjoy your life with perfect sound. 

Any questions? Get in touch!